[2.27.06] [05:01pm]
it's done.


Come say hiii.

Yah I'm an idiot [1.20.06] [11:16am]
That wasn't my last post. I lied. And why? Shameless promoting, that's why! The link I'd given you all in the last update didn't work so I'm updating again hoping you will all help me out. I need your votes like crazy! So go crazy and vote for me dammit. Also visit my pages here to learn more about me and see more of my work:


And please go <a href="http://www.secretmag.com/Members/Models/Models.asp">HERE</a> to vote for me to be Miss Secret Magazine 2006. (Model name is Zahra, kiddies)

So here's some incentive:


Miss Secret Magazine 2006 [1.15.06] [09:03am]
Hey bitches I NEED YOUR VOTES! Go here to elect ME (Zahra) as Miss Secret Magazine 2006. Find my name among the other cantidates and MAKE ME PROUUUD!

Other than that I'm changing my journal soon to a different one so I'll keep you posted. That one I'll actually update.
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[7.21.05] [11:19pm]

Prom, and my boy: http://jupiter.walagata.com/view.php?file=photo006.jpg

It has been a while, don't worry I realize this. A lot has been going on, actually. I start school very soon, and a lot of my friends are leaving to do the same. I'll be living on campus at UML, not ideal but better than home.

I've been doing a lot of artistic nude modeling/fetish glamour. I love it, it's an amazing outlet for my sexuality and creativeness. As much as some people will consider what I am doing as porn, I know that a naked picture doesn't always fall into the "pornography" catagory. To me, what I'm doing is art. In this field boundaries are important. You must know what you will and will not do, if you don't jobs can be hard. Being with Patrick while I do this is difficult, regardless of his support. Who wants their girlfriend naked on the internet? Most guys don't. Nevertheless, his support is endless and encouraging. We recently celebrated a year together - the best my life has ever seen. For the first time in my life, I'm happy most of the time; content with myself and my life.

I work at Panera Bread, so that takes up most of my time. I work mostly 8 hour shifts 5 days a week. I save most of my money, spending only the money I make off of modeling. I really don't consider it a job, it's more like a hobby that can sometimes bring compensation. A wonderful photographer that I work with named Raj (www.rajjainphotography.com) pays me every time we shoot together, and he's always wants to shoot. He's teaching me a lot about this field.

I'm showing the world what real women look like, I am in NO way a model. For those of you who know me personally, you can vouch. I'm short, thick, and goofy. It makes for interesting pictures and beautiful artwork. My body has character, I love every inch of it.

I need to do some travelling soon. Specifically to Texas. Hopefully to work with Lithium Picnic at some point (google him, you'll be amazed at his images), and again to see Erin. I miss you. I wish I could have gotten to know you better, you have no idea how much I regret that.

I'm extremely excited about college, campus life, and studying for my career.

I'll end this post with pictures, I don't know when the next time you'll hear from me on livejournal will be. Probably very infrequently. I'm busy and driven, trying to build up my modeling portfolio and save up money and be with my boyfriend.

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[9.11.04] [09:34pm]
Right now I am just in awe.
At how much I fucking love my boyfriend.
I can see myself spending the rest of my life with him.
I'm a corny, hopeless romantic who always seems to be wrong.
But this time, my God, it feels so right.
Even when we get into arguments, it feels okay.

[5.20.04] [03:25pm]
Your True Nature by llScorpiusll
The quality that most appeals to you:Sense of Humour
In a survival situation, you:Freak out
Your hidden talent is:Endurance
Your gift is:Fearlessness
In groups, you:Work for a common goal
Your best quality is:Your abundant energy
Your weakness is:Your coldness
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!


fuck work. fuck school too. i havnt stayed a full day once this week.
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[10.23.02] [12:24pm]

Hey, my name's Mandy and due to problems I've had in the past I'm forced to make this journal friends only. Don't take it personally, non-livejournalers.

LJ Codes
If you want an LJ code I have plenty I'm willing to give. Just leave a comment with a song about why you love me so much. It has to be good too. If you don't like it, you suck. The end.

If you want to read my journal just leave a comment, add me to your friends list, and I'll add you back, simple as that.

Have a nice day
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